Eagle, The Movie Cover

Eagle, The

PG-13, 2011, Focus Features


Kevin MacDonald


Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland, Channing Tatum, Denis O'Hare, Mark Strong


In Roman-ruled Britain, twenty years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila arrives from Rome to solve the mystery and restore the reputation of his father, the commander of the Ninth. Based on the classic novel ~The Eagle of the Ninth.~


Young leader calls sleeping men to arms

Themes: Judging, Leadership, Planning, Preparation, Safety, Underestimate, Warning, Wisdom


Leader takes responsibility for men's captivity

Themes: Bravery, Decisions, Leadership, Sacrifice, Unconditional Love


Brave men use unity to rescue prisoners

Themes: Duty, Manhood, Spiritual Warfare, Ministers, Rescue, Teamwork, Wounded, War, Unity


Leader influences mob to save man's live

Themes: Influence, Life Choices, Making a Difference, Mercy, Ministers, Mob, Prayer Answered, Rescue, Submission


Slave pledges life to Roman rescuer

Themes: Covenant, Determination, Reward, Honor, Faithfulness, Integrity, Slavery


Man ignores fears and breaks into unknown

Themes: Adventure, Christian Walk, Courage, Fear, Forgetting the Past, Leadership, Overcoming Challenges, Risk

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